Happy Holidays!

23 Dec

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season and a great new year! This past year I have created many new products and my business has continued to boom! 2013 was the year that allowed me to experiment with different beads along with different techniques! I just want to thank everyone for all of the support along with being great paying customers. Since the year is about to close, I will listen to any and ALL of ideas, complaints, or comments you have with Molly Jewels. I would love to have your help to develop an even better business!

You are probably thinking, then what’s new for 2014? Well, I have a bunch of new collections that are almost done. I also  am developing a new site, creating a better online custom order experience ,and creating even more jewelry pieces along with styles.

Anything you think I should change or add?

What do you think of my jewelry?

Comment Below or email me to make the best of the New Year!

I will answer ALL of the comments and emails so don’t be afraid to send them!


Molly Jewels


Black Friday!

29 Nov
Hello Everyone,
Black Friday is finally here and I know that all of you are visiting your favorite stores to find the best styles for the best deals. Starting today and ending on Cyber Monday, if you pre-order one of our new winter products, you will receive a special discounted coupon to use in the future!
Here are some new jewelry products that you can pre-order! They will be released to purchase on Wednesday the 4th. The items you can pre-order are: Chain Ear cuff, Sparkle Polish Pendant (other colors are available), and Holiday Scrabble Tile  Pendants. You can pre-order these at the normal costs they are to buy. If you are interested in pre-ordering a
ny of these, please email me

New Products!

Sorry for the Delay!

13 Nov

Landscape Winter Snow from flickr

Hi everyone,

I am really  sorry to say that our fall/winter collection will not be out for a few more weeks. I know that you were probably anticipating some new jewelry for the season but don’t you worry; it will be out really soon. Because all of the jewelry is taking a longer period of time to create, I just want to inform you that this collection will have even more jewelry than the others! Soon we will also have our twelve days of Jewelry sale. Each day will be a special discount or prize, so stay tuned!


Molly Jewels

13 Sep

Hi everyone,

I hope you took advantage of the Labor Day Sale and bought a good amount of jewelry! Don’t worry if you didn’t because I am creating a bunch more collections and jewelry pieces that you will love even more than the sale items. If you have any ideas for collections or what you want to see in the future for purchase, please email me or comment below. Don’t forget that I have updated the contact us page along with the catalog page with a link to the new Molly Jewels order form. Now is the PERFECT time to order a new piece of jewelry for the year or to submit jewelry ideas that may soon become a reality!


Molly Jewels

Labor Day Sale!!

30 Aug

Hi everyone,

The countdown is over and our special sale is here!!  

Email me your order and you will get a surprise discount of either 10% off,  $5 off 25 or more, or buy a charm get one free! You can buy anything custom or in our catalog to get one of these discounts. To participate in this great Labor Day Celebration, fill out and answer the *order form below* , email it to me, and I will email you back the price along with how much you saved with your discount.  The more orders you send the more you will save! Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding this sale, custom orders, or anything involving this post!

Thanks and let the shopping begin,

Molly Jewels  

Molly Jewels Order Form<—-(*Right here*)

Surprise Sale!!

29 Aug


Hi everyone,


I just wanted to tell you all more about the upcoming sale!! It is a special labor day sale that will start late Friday night and end Wednesday of next week. You can order any item (custom or catalog) and as soon as you email me your order, I will email you back a SPECIAL COUPON. Make sure to email me your order soon so that I can get to making it and give it to you at a reasonable time. If you need a more detailed description of what to include in your order description, I will post that soon to help you.


Molly Jewels


Back to School in Style

26 Aug

School is here but that doesn’t mean you have to worry.  A new school year means a new sale and some new  jewelry for you!

Whether you want something new to match your back to school outfit or just a new piece of jewelry for the year, you will find it here. If not, order a custom piece! Just email me your custom order description, including price, beads, colors, and length.


Molly Jewels

Craft Fair Wednesday!!

10 Aug

clooudsHi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that this Wednesday (8/14/13) I will be at the library selling jewelry during the annual CRAFT FAIR!! I will be there from 10:00–2:00 outside, selling my jewelry so if you ordered something and wanted to pic it up or just want something new to wear, then come on down! I would love to sell some jewelry to people who love it too!


Molly Jewels

New Talia Joy inspired Collection

1 Aug

Hi everyone,

talia charms

It is finally time for a new collection for Molly Jewels! Recently an amazing and well known youtuber, style icon, and 13 year old covergirl, Talia Joy Castellano passed away from  struggling with cancer. So I then thought that it would be amazing if I could share this girl with my many jewelry customers,  therefore I  created a Talia Joy inspired Collection. It includes necklaces, earrings, scrabble tile pendants, bracelets, and so much more that you will be sure to love! Above are some of the scrabble tile pendants I created that go for $6 each and come with a black cording necklace. I will post the rest of the collection soon, so keep visiting my site because I will be updating it frequently!

Thanks !

Molly Jewels


Wanna buy some of my jewelry soon?

Did you order something but haven’t picked it up yet?

I will be selling my jewelry at the library from 10am-2pm August 14th during the annual craft fair!!!

Happy Birthday America!

4 Jul

fourthofjulymemoiryfireHello everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far and a great fourth of July! I am selling some of my jewelry out and about today featuring many of my new products. I will make sure to update the catalog with pictures like the one to the left like our new  r.w.b memory wire bracelet to celebrate the holiday! I am making this post a short one, but next time I will be sure to keep you all even more updated than before!


Molly Jewels