New Talia Joy inspired Collection

1 Aug

Hi everyone,

talia charms

It is finally time for a new collection for Molly Jewels! Recently an amazing and well known youtuber, style icon, and 13 year old covergirl, Talia Joy Castellano passed away from  struggling with cancer. So I then thought that it would be amazing if I could share this girl with my many jewelry customers,  therefore I  created a Talia Joy inspired Collection. It includes necklaces, earrings, scrabble tile pendants, bracelets, and so much more that you will be sure to love! Above are some of the scrabble tile pendants I created that go for $6 each and come with a black cording necklace. I will post the rest of the collection soon, so keep visiting my site because I will be updating it frequently!

Thanks !

Molly Jewels


Wanna buy some of my jewelry soon?

Did you order something but haven’t picked it up yet?

I will be selling my jewelry at the library from 10am-2pm August 14th during the annual craft fair!!!


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